Phoenix / Marketing Suite

The Brief

From the success of the new advertising and brand strategy that Focus put together for Fairview’s development Phoenix, we were tasked to design and create the new Sales & Marketing Suite within the same branding. We were able to work in harmony with our sister agency Navigation to best pilot the customer journey successfully.

The Plan

After meticulous planning of the available space to best utilise the natural light whilst being conscious of the functionality of the unit and necessity of the marketing materials needed, we began by presenting the client with mood boards.

As per our initial brief, we took influences from the current advertising to ensure brand continuity; this was inclusive of the brand colour palettes, chic interior design to reflect the product being built and striking imagery to mirror the lifestyle at Phoenix.

Due to the limited space, we had to be inventive in how best to display product, this was soon overcome with innovative techniques and digital aspects aiding the sales information required on site.

The Result

Paired with Navigation, we designed and installed the Sales & Marketing Suite in a very short turnaround time ensuring that all key information was displayed effectively and whilst showcasing the best that Phoenix had to offer.