e2v / Website

The brief

e2v has built a reputation as a leading global provider of innovative technology solutions for high performance systems across a range of specialist markets. When they made the decision to update their website, they turned to Focus.

The plan

In order to improve the user journey, the website was modified to offer customers an easier and more intuitive way to locate relevant products for their industry. This involved creating six sections on the homepage which segmented e2v’s audience into different categories, such as defence and industrial.

The new website allows for a much simpler online journey and is responsive across desktops, tablets and mobile. Users benefit from a more personalised experience where they can access the industry area they want quickly and are directed to other related products. Behind the scenes is a tailored CMS with bespoke resources management which allows e2v to easily manage content on the site, upload and protect datasheets and other sensitive literature.

Check out the website here.

The results

The new website is an evolving project without any end date, it is reviewed quarterly and improved upon over time based upon analytically measurement undertaken during the period – no website should go live and remain static in its design, form or function in an ever changing digital world.