Crimestoppers / Energy Theft Campaign

The brief

Energy theft in the UK is at the proposed cost of around £500m – although the actual figure is believed to be far higher due to under-reporting, with hard to reach rural communities as a major target.

Crimestoppers briefed us to:

• Increase information received on energy theft from the communities within the target area
• Disrupt attempts at energy theft through deterrent messaging
• Promote consumer safety through best practice and reassurance messaging
• Activate through social media channels for the widest reach

The plan

We had to overcome public perception and inform that Crimestoppers is not involved in law enforcement, but is a means of providing information and education

Key objectives were:

• Educating the target demographic on what energy theft is and improving public understanding of the dangers and inconveniences associated with energy theft
• Preventing tampering

We created a pre-roll video ad to discourage tampering, running ahead of related videos on YouTube, and additionally a longer educational video hosted on the Crimestoppers landing page.

The campaign was supported with promoted content across Facebook and Twitter, with the same messaging and targeting.

The results

14,317 video views hosted on Facebook and 18,757 on YouTube

3,595 website clicks from PPC campaign

Reach from Facebook Right hand ads, newsfeed ads and promoted posts of 494.5K, with over 2.6M impressions

190K impressions from promoted Tweets

Overall 4,077 visits to the British Gas section of the Crimestoppers website