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A cracking new game for client SPAR UK


We’ve had a lot of fun working with SPAR UK. The most recent release contains design work by our creative team, who have created a cute Easter chick with some eggcellent outfits (sorry) and our dev team have been busy working on building a really engaging game. The game is supported by full social media content […]

Crimestoppers Campaign Launch: Energy Theft

Focus is proud to be a part of the latest Crimestoppers campaign, which has launched this week. We are working with Crimestoppers to raise awareness of the dangers of energy theft and meter tampering as well as appealing to those who have any information about people committing these crimes. Energy theft is costing the UK […]

Top Tips for Effective PPC Landing Pages

You’ve decided to invest in a PPC (pay per click) campaign, so the next decision is where to send the traffic. In order to get the best return on investment from a PPC campaign, landing pages need to be carefully considered. Sending paid traffic, which has a notoriously short attention span, to a web page that […]

Video killed the radio star – and the TV celeb too…

video killed the radio star

Are you mature enough to remember the days of 1 TV per home? Of being bored, with nothing to do? Of waiting for 6pm to be allowed to phone a friend from the phone in the hallway? The teens of today don’t have that problem, with reports suggesting that they’re so busy on social media […]

The rise and rise of the influencer

Back in the pre-digital days famous people were key for advertising and endorsing products. The first woman to endorse a product was back in the closing days of the 19th Century when Lillie Langtry, a music hall singer and actress who was as famous for her clear complexion as her dance hall skills, advertised Pears […]